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September 5, 2023
Northwest Classic Insurance

The Necessity of Classic Car Insurance

The Necessity of Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are much more than just old vehicles; they’re treasured pieces of history and art. If you own one, you know it’s not just about keeping it in good shape but also about protecting your investment. Here’s why getting the right classic car insurance is essential:

Agreed Value Coverage

Classic car insurance is unique because it covers the agreed value of your car. This means you and the insurer decide its value when you sign up. If your car is ever totaled, you’ll receive the full amount agreed upon, not a depreciated value like with standard auto insurance.

Lower Premiums

Since classic cars are often driven less and cared for better, they are less likely to be in accidents. Insurers recognize this and usually offer lower premiums for classic car insurance. So, you get the coverage you need without high costs.

Preservation of Investment

Classic cars can increase in value over time. Classic car insurance helps protect this growing investment by adjusting your coverage as your car’s value increases. This ensures that your insurance matches the current worth of your car, keeping your investment secure.

Choosing the right classic car insurance helps ensure your vintage car is protected and remains valuable. It’s about making sure your beloved classic stays safe and appreciated for years to come.

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