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September 8, 2023
Northwest Classic Insurance

Classic Car Insurance vs. Regular Auto Insurance

Classic Car Insurance vs. Regular Auto Insurance

Owning a classic car is like having a piece of history in your garage. To protect this investment, you need the right insurance. Let’s break down the differences between classic car insurance and regular auto insurance to help you choose the right one.

Classic Car Insurance: Tailored for Treasures

  • Agreed Value Coverage: You and your insurance company decide on your classic car’s value when you start your policy. This agreed amount is what you’ll get if your car is ever totaled, ensuring you’re fully covered.
  • Limited Usage: Classic cars are usually not everyday vehicles, so their insurance plans have mileage limits. This can lower your insurance costs because driving less reduces accident risk.
  • Spare Parts Coverage: Classic cars sometimes need special parts that are hard to find. Classic car insurance often covers these unique parts and accessories.

Regular Auto Insurance: For Daily Drivers

  • Actual Cash Value: This covers your car based on its current market value, considering factors like age and wear. If your car is destroyed, you’ll receive an amount equal to its current value, which might not be enough to replace a classic car.
  • No Mileage Restrictions: You can drive as much as you want, perfect for cars used every day.
  • Standard Parts Coverage: This covers standard parts, which might not include special items needed for older, classic cars.


If you have a classic car, getting classic car insurance is crucial. It’s designed to cover the full agreed value of your car and includes protection for unique parts. Regular auto insurance is best for cars you drive daily and values cars only at their current market worth.

Want to make sure your classic car is well-protected? Contact us to talk about your insurance options and find the perfect plan for your vintage vehicle.

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